What is time lapse? 

Often mistaken for sped-up video footage, a time lapse video consists of multiple still photos taken at a preset time interval and merged together to make a video. Time lapse allows you to watch changes that occur over a long period of time into a video that is short and enjoyable to watch.

Why Time Lapse in Construction 

 Time lapse is a perfect tool to chronicle an entire construction project in a delightful clip. By compressing months of work into a minutes-long video, time lapse can reduce the process of seeing what went into the project because that shouldn’t be the focus while your project is ongoing. As the saying goes, images speak louder than words, so let your time lapse videos tell the whole story of your construction project.

Instant Time Lapse 

 Time Lapse dates back to the 18th century. It was a rough technique then and required a very specific skill set to manage. Fast-forward to today and creating time lapse videos no longer requires a complicated process to compress dozens of photos into one clip. Modern time lapse cameras allow for immediate automatically generated time lapse video right after you stop recording without any post-editing process. Simply, a click of the button and your time lapse video is already shareable to whatever platform you choose to broadcast.

Time lapse benefit in construction 

 Time lapse videos usually only last a couple minutes in length and the content highlights months of shooting despite the length of the video being much shorter. For construction projects that take several months to finish, a time lapse camera is a perfect tool to capture the entire evolution of the construction project. With the transformation of construction projects from start to finish, time lapse videos bring multiple benefits to the table for the construction community.


* This table is a general reference guide for amateur photographers (most of us) to understand how to set up our time lapse cameras easily, but please note that these are not the only settings our cameras are capable of. (Video length calculated under 30FPS.)