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TimeLapse Cam TLC200 + Free Wall Power Supply + 16GB SDHC
Part Number TLC200 + GSMUWC + 16GSD
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TimeLapse Cam TLC200 + Free Wall Power Supply + 16GB SDHC
TimeLapse Cam TLC200 + Free Wall Power Supply + 16GB SDHC
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Free Transcend 16GB SDHC 

Capture without limitation by pairing your digital camera and camcorder with Transcend's SDHC Class 10 Cards. Designed with the photography enthusiasts and videographers in mind, Transcend's SDHC Class 10 Cards can deliver high-speed performance at an affordable price.

High-speed Performance

Fully Class 10 compliant, Transcend's Ultimate SDHC Class 10 Cards use the latest flash technology to help maximize camera's response time, delivering an ultra-fast read/write transfer rates of up to 20/18 MB/s. This high speed performance is suitable for high-capacity photographs and high-resolution videos.


Brinno Time Lapse Camera TLC200
Time Lapse Camera captures images within time intervals and convert these images into video allowing you to view the event easily!

Brinno TimeLapse Camera TLC200 is an easy solution for creating Time Lapse videos.  Turn it on, set time interval, point to subject, wait for finish and watch the video!

No fancy equipment, no interval meter, no complicated gear setups, no time-controlling, no video-making troubles.

                                                                   Now Available!
Package Contents

- TimeLapse Camera -TLC200
- 2GB SD Card
- 4 AA Batteries
- User Manual
- Warranty Card

Plus Free Micro USB Wall Power Supply + 16G SD Card

Customer Reviews
  Excellent product and excellent service. Phone order was easy and I received the cameras in 3 days.
  Reviewed by:  Jim Ray from Massachusetts. on 4/11/2014
Super Fast Free Shipping
  Great job on processing this order! Ordered on Friday, received on Monday. Made me look like a hero to my bosses.
  Reviewed by:  Ray from Franingham, MA. on 8/22/2013
Awesome Product
  Sometimes you have to look no further than your own front door for an amazing and beautiful sight, but due to our natural perception of time many of these things are invisible to the human eye. My TLC200 reveals the magic around me and makes me feel better about my world and myself. Sound hard to belive? Take a look at these amazing images of beauty and splendour happening right in front of me - only made visible by time lapse photograpy. Not that many years ago it would have cost thousands of dollars of expensive equipment to perform the task that my TLC-200 does with only one button. I use this every day and play it back on my HD TV. Wow! What effects!!
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Australia. on 7/15/2013
  Ordered the cameras on Thursday and received them on Friday..IN GERMANY!!!! The service and support could not have been better: rapid, competent and friendly. We were dependant on a rapid and competent support as we urgently needed the cameras and we were served perfectly! The quality of the cameras was already known, hence our purchase!! a big Thank you! You made our day!
  Reviewed by:  Sebastian Buehren from Germany. on 8/29/2012
Review Brinno TLC200 camera
  This is a great little camera for time lapse video. It would be nice if it stored the individual frames so you could pick certain ones for printing. The pivoting lens and the LCD screen are mandatory otherwise you are just guessing. It would be nice to have a setting to keep the LCD screen on longer for positioning the camera and lens. Also, the instruction manual is a little too simple. The sequence of turning on and pressing the OK/start button should be explained more clearly. And I believe it says the top green light flashes every time it takes a photo. Mine only flashes when you hit the final time to start and you really don't know if you are taking a video until the next morning. But overall, it is a good product but slightly high priced by the time you get the wide angle lens and the waterproof case for outdoor use. I can't wait to try doing star trails the next time we have a new moon with no clouds. Also, if you have young kids with babysitters, what a great way to see what is going on while you are out.
  Reviewed by:  LeMoyne Johnson from Johnson PhotoImaging Bradenton, FK. on 8/22/2012
Good Product, but at a price
  The Brinno TLC200 is a great time lapse camera, that's very small and fairly light. It takes good photos, but not quite at an HD level. Pros: -It connects to a tripod or even a rotating stand for cool lapses. -It's lens moves up and down for a good view -The LCD display is a necessity: it allows you to see your shot and adjust settings -The custom time interval is a life saver; it wouldn't be worth it without that feature -Great battery life Cons: -The quality of the photos doesn't look like HD; they're good, but not *great* -The price! It seems like $150 would be a much more reasonable price. The product is great, but $200 seems pretty high for a regular consumer. -Doesn't work in the dark or really bright sun well. I was hoping to take a time lapse of myself sleeping or the sun moving,but those two things can't happen. Conclusion: The Brinno TLC200 the best day-time time lapse camera out there and does what it claims it does. It's a great idea for people who are really into time lapses, but not those who just want to do a time lapse or two. I, myself am very happy with the TLC200 and would recommend it to a friend. :)
  Reviewed by:  Russel Schweikert from Oregon, US. on 8/4/2012
Awesome Product
  Just discovered time lapse photography and decided that I should give it a try, especially for my network marketing ventures. Browsed around the internet and found myself leaning towards the Brinno TLC200 Time Lapse Camera, I could not have made a better choice. I received my camera well ahead of scheduled delivery date. Straight out of the box, it was so easy to set up and follow in no time at all. The camera is small, lightweight and extremely portable, just what I wanted. Great product and certainly recommend it. Reviewed by: Bill Armstrong from California on 6/10/2012
  Reviewed by:  Bill Armstrong from California. on 6/12/2012
TLC200 for my giant pumpkins :-)
  I grow giant pumpkins for competition so I ordered this to do a time lapse video of a pumpkin growing. They grow over 1000 pounds and take 90-100 days to reach maturity. The service from Smartec store has been great. I called twice to ask questions and both times the phone was answered promptly. My order came in 5 days! That is super fast from Cali to Toronto. I have been using the camera to do time lapse of my seedings and it is awesome!!!! The LCD screen takes away all the guess work! Can't wait till my pumpkins start to grow so I can film one!!!! Wish I could afford 6 cameras. 1 for each pumpkin!!!!!
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Toronto. on 5/2/2012
TLC200 & Wide Angle Lens
  Yes I’m very happy with the camera and the wide angle lens. I have and will recommend these products to my friends.
  Reviewed by:  Ron from AK. on 4/20/2012
  First of all, the shipping to Canada was very fast 5 days! This tiny little camera is unbelievable. Easy to setup and use. The result is super. Will definitely get one more. This time I will get the deluxe bundle special. Thanks for this super camera!
  Reviewed by:  Jack from Canada. on 4/18/2012
working great!
  I have two TLC200's taking time lapse photos for different projects. I put them outside and cover them with duck tape. They are working fine after about 4 months.
  Reviewed by:  steve gennrich from san francisco. on 4/18/2012
Great cam.
  I've been using the TLC200 for a month now and Iam very satisfy with its performance. Easy to use and good quality. I highly recommend the cam for timelapse fans out there.
  Reviewed by:  Olav Solberg from Harstad, Norway. on 3/28/2012
Owner of Investigative Training.
  By far the TLC-200 is the best long-term time-lapse camera to date. Use the Energizer AA Lithium 8X batteries for long run times and a virgin (not used in another product) Sandisk 32 gig card. Set the time and date via the LCD menu. Works in very low light (full moon). Low noise. Very easy to operate. I set it to record one frame per second and playback at 10fps. Gives me an entire week WOW. See my video review at
  Reviewed by:  Johnston Blakley from Florida. on 3/22/2012
Super results
  The TLC200 is my first timelapse camera. It is straight-forward to set up and use. I like the LCD preview screen which is perfect for setting up the subject in the field of view. I am purchasing another for a project a work.
  Reviewed by:  Craig Johnson from Houston. on 3/15/2012
  Great camera!! Good value for the money. Quickest shipping ever from Smartec!! Super easy setup!
  Reviewed by:  Jeremy Miller from Mc Calla Alabama. on 3/9/2012
Setup and use couldn't be easier.
  The Brinno TLC200 is a great little camera that takes all the work out of time lapse photography. This automated camera is simple to use, with little to no interaction needed after it is setup. The small footprint allows the camera to be placed almost anywhere and does not require the use of tripod if used on a flat surface.
  Reviewed by:  Josh from Charlotte, NC. on 3/9/2012
  Your product is awesome and have used it a number of times - its currently on a building site and will be for 3 months. Plenty of upsides and only downside is that it doesn't work with the EyeFi SD cards (I.e I cant check /download video with my iPad) I have to get device down and copy video off to backup; that and I wish the screen was on the from of the device so I could see what the picture is that is being taken! But overall great quality and easy to use and great price. Thanks
  Reviewed by:  Brendon from Australia. on 3/5/2012
  My husband has used this TLC200 Cam several times to capture the activity of the deer who visit our front yard in the early evening. It is fun to watch as the deer go back and forth and disappear and reappear through the evening. It is easy to use and set up on a tri-pod and then let it do it's thing. Downloading the videos on the computer is easy.
  Reviewed by:  Sheila from Lexington Park, MD. on 2/25/2012
Easy and Versatile
  This camera is so easy to use and has many different recording options. This will allow you to record just about any "action" that you desire. You just set your options, start recording, and when done, the video is ready for however you want to use it. The video looks great.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff from San Diego. on 2/24/2012
Avid Amatuer Photographer
  Recently purchased Brinno TLC 200 after researching TL Photography. After costs vrs reward and equipment needed. I selected #TLC200 and have rejoiced over decision and especially Great Results. Next is to try the Magnetic (clever) Wide Lens offered. BUT There is a Time lapse Setting Formula in works I have been told... That will really assist to set finished Video time length frame w/o experimentation's. ed c hass...reno, nevada
  Reviewed by:  Edward Hass from Lake Tahoem Nevada. on 2/24/2012
Fantastic Time Lapse Camera
  I love the new TLC200 time lapse cam. I received it a few weeks ago and have tried it out on a number of different projects with great results. It is very compact and lightweight and the view finder on the back shows you just what you are recording. The tilt on the lens is great so you don't need an adaptor on your tripod either. And the customer service is great- if you have a question just call and you will get an immediate answer. I am very pleased with this product.
  Reviewed by:  Doreen Kline from Fort Myers, Florida. on 2/15/2012
  Great camera, fast service. both very easy to use with good results.
  Reviewed by:  Elliot from New York . on 2/14/2012
Event Production
  The Brinno Camera is EXCELLENT! The size, simplicity and photographic QUALITY are exceptional! Thanks for an awesome product.
  Reviewed by:  shawn from San Francisco. on 2/1/2012
Fun little camera
  I love the camera! I've used it for several different fun little projects. My sort of complaint is that this thing is soooo cool I wish I could figure out how to use some of its more advanced features, but to this point I haven't figured it out. There is a 1/8" jack and a mini-USB port, but ZERO documentation included on how to use either of those. Maybe someone can point me in the direction of documentation that explains the more advanced capabilities...?
  Reviewed by:  John Reedy from Peoria IL. on 1/31/2012
Great Product!
  Thank you for the great customer service! I am very happy with this new product. I have the older time lapse camera and they are all great! Thank you!
  Reviewed by:  Hagai from Texas. on 1/31/2012
Aspen Builders uses Brinno TLC200 Timelapse Camera
  We purchased a Brinno TLC200 timelapse camera to film construction activity on site for our kitchen remodels, bathroom renovations and basement finishes. This little camera does an incredible job and is extremely easy to use. We just set it up on a tripod and let it do it's job. The quality of the video is very good and works great for Aspen Builders!
  Reviewed by:  Christopher Beasley from Denver, CO. on 1/26/2012
  This camera and the previous model exceed expectations, such a fun gadget, great idea, easy to use. I use to take time lapse with my DSLR, not now. Thsi camera is great Love it. Can't recommend it enough.
  Reviewed by:  Adrian from Perth Australia. on 1/2/2012
What a Beauty! Part 1
  The TLC200 is a fantastic little camera. It does everything exactly as described - is very well built, sleek and friendly and instantly intuitive to operate. I had some questions before purchasing and was very impressed with how quickly I was able to speak with someone extremely knowledgeable about the product range who helped me select the PERFECT one for my needs.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Sydney, Australia. on 12/30/2011
What a Beauty! Part 2
  The service was beyond all expectations and really makes me want to come back for more. Thank you Smartec for making this a fun and confident and thoroughly satisfying experience - not to mention creating such a terrific product. I've always loved time lapse photography and now this invisible world is mine!
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Sydney, Australia. on 12/30/2011
  I just used the TLC-200 for the first time on my trip to Florida. Excellent little camera. I have the TLC-100 before this, and the new features of the screen on back, and the tilt of the lens makes the TLC-200 the one to have. Easy to set up and use. Very cool camera. Next will try it in low light test. This little camera is well worth the money.
  Reviewed by:  Wally Crow from Houston. on 12/26/2011
Christmas Gift
  Got the TLC200 for Christmas and it is everything I expected. Seems to be well made and very easy to set up and operate. Tested it out filming clouds changes over a 6 hour period. Worked great. Thinking about getting the TCL 100 to do some outdoor work!!
  Reviewed by:  David from South Carolina. on 12/25/2011
Love this camera!
  I love this camera! The camera is compact and well designed. The lens tilts, the bottom is wide and gives a solid base to sit the camera on any flat surface for great stable shots. It has a viewfinder to help line up shots. The menu is easy to operate. And the quality is excellent. You can shoot in 16:9 format. My high def videos on vimeo look sharp.
  Reviewed by:  Ted from Miami. on 12/15/2011
Great product!
  I owned a TLC100 and I like it very much! But when I saw this new TLC200 which has viewfinder, I decided to give it a try! Didn't let me down.... I absolutely love it! Easy to operate and view or modify. Now I can use my both of my Mac and PC for TLC200 with no problems. Will use TLC100 for outdoor and TLC200 for indoor. Highly recommend!
  Reviewed by:  Tony from Ohio. on 12/7/2011
Very Pleased Mac User
  I love the Timelapse TLC200 Cam! I just watched a full day of recording in 3 min. When something catches my eye I can go frame by frame. I have an iMac and the SD Card fit in the allotted slot and I was viewing the movie right away. So Mac users with an SD Card Slot go for it! I'm able to zoom in with frame grab on my computer and enlarge a nice clear image if need be. Many thanks to the sales rep for updates on delivery and always being there for me.
  Reviewed by:  Rick from Ontario Canada. on 11/29/2011
Great Product
  This is a wonderful product. Although it looks like a toy, it is very hefty, well built, and very easy to use. There are many uses for this product....just use your imagination ! I've actually bought two, one for myself and one for my son. Highly recommended ! A very minor recommendation would be to include the frame rate and timing interval in the time stamp.
  Reviewed by:  Robert Outenreath from California. on 11/27/2011
What a fun, easy to use product!
  I have been having so much fun with the Time Lapse Camera... We have tested it out a couple of times with great results, it is really easy to use. We plan on using it for our Conference in March to Time Lapse the construction of our exhibit hall. Thanks again!
  Reviewed by:  Scott R. from New York, NY . on 11/22/2011
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