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Weather Resistance Housing for Brinno TLC200 & TLC200 f1.2
Part Number ATH110
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Weather Resistance Housing for Brinno TLC200 & TLC200 f1.2
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- Weather Resistant Housing for Brinno TLC200 & TLC200 f1.2
- Material 
     Main Body : Polycarbonates (PC)
     Lens Cover : Acrylic
     Key & Side Lock : Rubber
- Water Resistance : IPX4
- Dimensions : 127 X 90 X 55 mm
- Weight : 120 g ( 4.23 ounces)
Customer Reviews
  Really well-made product. Excellent service by Smartec. A pleasure doing business with them.
  Reviewed by:  Jim Ray from Massachusetts. on 4/11/2014
Well worth it
  I had my new TLC200 out for a week on a roof, and as the video proved, it went through some heavy dowmpours without suffering any damage. I think it's well worth the purchase price to have the functionality of the TLC200 with the weatherproof-ness of the 100.
  Reviewed by:  Josh from NY, NY. on 10/22/2012
Waterproof Housing for Brinno TLC200 review
  It was exactly what I was looking for and I am able to leave my camera outside all day without fear of rain getting it wet.It works great.I like the tripod mount and also it can be mounted to a post.It has holes for screws to do that.Thank you for carrying this product.
  Reviewed by:  Gary from Newnan,Georgia. on 10/8/2012
Protect your TLC
  I strongly recommend putting $50 into keeping your $200 item safe, it's worked great for problems so far.
  Reviewed by:  Russel Schweikert from Oregon, US. on 8/28/2012
Waterproof Housing review
  The housing is very well made and the camera fits snuggly. It is not as easy to adjust the tilt of the lens (TLC200), but mounting it on a tripod solves the problem. Also, the wide angle lens is not accomodated by the case. If you have trouble with fogging or mist forming on the case over the lens, just rubberband a chemical heat pack to the side of the case.
  Reviewed by:  LeMoyne Johnson from Johnson PhotoImaging Bradenton FL. on 8/22/2012
Review of Waterproof Housing
  I was quite pleased to have waterproof housing so I didn't have to worry about leaving the camera out all day (or longer!). The waterproof unit is easy to use but makes the set up more difficult. To arrange my shots, I often have to turn the camera on and off several times because the viewing screen is only on for a short time. Since the attachment to the tripod is on the "door" of the waterproof housing, it means the camera itself has to swing out and it moves it out of place-- this is very awkward. But over all the waterproof housing is a big step in the right direction.
  Reviewed by:  Joan Edwards from Williamstown MA. on 8/20/2012
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