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Brinno MAC200DN Portable Motion Activated Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
Part Number MAC200DN
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Brinno MAC200DN Portable Motion Activated Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
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14 Months Battery Life Time Lapse Surveillance Camera

The Brinno MAC200DN is a battery powered portable security camera, triggered by Motion Detection (PIR) or a Fixed Capture Rate (Time Lapse) or Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ® (Time Lapse +Motion Detection).


Hybrid Activated

<320 ft time lapse capture zone and <20+ ft motion activated zone = Never Miss a Shot

Fast Playback Video

Automatically converts images into time lapse videos. The MAC200DN lets you review 8 hours of activity in a 1 minute time lapse video!

14 months battery life

2 D cell batteries can last for up to 14 months, so you can put away your power cords!

Outdoor Security 1,2,3!

Easy to set up outdoor security camera in 3 steps!

Step.1-Select  Step.2-REC.  


Dual Protection® Capture Mode

Time Lapse Capturing + Motion Activated

Capture any movement with either Motion Activation or a preset Time Lapse setting. The MAC200DN automatically converts photos into an easy to view/review Time Lapse Video. You can review an entire days activity in a couple of minutes!

Time Lapse Capturing     Motion Activated

Motion Activated 

Hybrid Mode


The Brinno MAC200DN is a battery powered security camera, waterproof, durable, standalone, so it’s safe for indoor and outdoor use. Turn it on, let it record every movement.

Home security

Backyard security

Parking lot security

Wildlife camera

100% DIY, 100% Portable

100% DIY, 100% Portable

Forget the power cord, Ethernet line or DVR system! The MAC200DN is your 100% DIY, 100% wire-free, 100% portable security camera you can use anywhere, anytime.

Dual Protection

Dual Protection

Brinno’s new Hybrid Mode ®
Preset time settings to take photos (Fixed capture rate)+ Motion Activation for video capture, provides unprecedented dual protection.

10x Outlook Range

10x Outlook Range

Images captured at a Fixed Capture Rate, in the Time Lapse mode, cover a range over 100 meters deep.

14 Months Battery Life

14 Months Battery Life

The MAC200DN has unequaled battery life lasting up to 14 months on 2 D Cell batteries.

< 1 Sec. Rapid Wake Up

< 1 Sec. Rapid Wake Up

Brinno’s MAC200DN has excellent power saving technology, by providing super long lasting standby time, combined with the ability to rapidly wake up! So you’ll never miss a shot!

Fast Playback Video

Fast Playback Video

Brinno’s MAC200DN captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video. Review all your visitors with the push of a button.

00% DIY, 100% Portable

Battery powered = Wire-free

Not a complicated DVR security system, no complicated power cord wiring to set up. 100% DIY. 100% Wire-free. 100% Portable.

78 days battery life
Smart Night Vision

Set your latitude, the camera will automatically turn on Night Vision at sunset and turn off Night Vision at sunrise. So the camera can capture infrared images* at night and capture regular images in daylight.

Fast Playback Time Lapse Video

Check monthly activity in several minutes video

Brinno’s MAC200DN - Motion Activated Camera provides a whole new FAST/EASY PLAYBACKconcept for you to EASILY review videos, as it automatically converts thousands of images into time lapse videos. This makes reviewing your videos easy and quick!

Water-proof, Outdoor Security Camera

Weather resistant, safe for outdoor use

We know most construction site are outdoors; in order to let you capture your entire construction project in any weather, we provide a weather resistant housing to protect your construction camera.

Camera Security Lock

We offer multiple points to secure your MAC200DN

Customer Reviews
Brinno Mac200DN Security Cameras
  These cameras perform as specified and I am pleased with their performance. I wanted something portable, motion-activated, and totally wireless. They are easy to assemble and to set up if you refer to the manual enclosed with the cameras. The manual could be a bit more specific regarding acceptable D-cell batteries (I do have devices that cannot use rechargeable batteries), the use of the built-in USB port, and show better photos of locking the camera body should you choose to do so.
  Reviewed by:  dfans from Indiana. on 11/4/2016